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Ad personam

Stephan Medem is a player, scout, coach, mental expert and author. As an ATP-TOUR professional, he travelled the world for many years and won several titles. He also participated in the main- draws at the French Open, in Wimbledon and at the Tournament of Champions in Forest Hills.

Here is a closer look at his tennis-career: ITF World Champion, European Champion (Kings Cup), Member of the Swiss Davis-Cup-Team, »All American« Champion, multiple German and Swiss Champion, more than 20 years of national league in Switzerland and Germany, WTA-Tour-Coach of several players, including Claudia Porwik (WTA 25), Anca Barna (WTA 48), Meike Babel (WTA 28), Laura Gildemeister (WTA 14), Karina Habsudova (WTA 8 and winner of the US-Open Juniors), Barbara Rittner (WTA 21 und current national coach of Germany and the Porsche tennis team).

He also worked as a coach for the Bavarian Tennis Association (BTV) and the German Tennis Federation (DTB). During his playing career, he had the honour to be the sparring partner of world class athletes like Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisevic, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Ivan Lendl, Andre Agassi, Yannick Noah, Steffi Graf, Martina Hingis, Gabriela Sabatini, Monica Seles, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and many more.

Mental-Expert & Bestseller-Author

Before turning professional, he worked as a school teacher for physical education in Switzerland. After his professional career, Steph studied sports psychology, asian martial arts and meditation (Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu, Kali, Chi-Gong). Steph is a member of GPTCA and FEPSAC. He was a scout for »IMG« and as an author he has published two books. »Living is learning!« describes his main philosophy in life. Whatever Your playground, the HEAD-man makes you win! In sports, job & life!

Mental power

Sports-psychologists and coaches have come to one and the same conclusion: Concerning  the aspects of »Mental power«, no other sport is as demanding and tough as tennis! So, why should the HEAD-MAN be able to help? Because more than 50 years of experience and learning on the highest levels are solid grounds for Your personal improvement and further development! His passion and his deep knowledge of all the aspects of tennis will help You get the best out of You!

Living is learning!

One of Stephs main principles is »Living is learning!« With his help, there were numerous athletes from numerous different sports, that were capable to lift their performance to levels they didn’t think they were able to reach. »Mental toughness« is not an ability that is programmed into your genes, you have to learn it! Whatever Your playground, the HEAD-MAN makes you win!

Optimize your tennis

Scouting. The HEAD-MAN scans the current situation of a tennis-player. All tennis-specifics like technics, physical constitution and condition, strategy, mental capacities as well as personality, family, school and time management, strengths and weaknesses are getting analyzed.

On the basis of this scan, the HEAD-MAN helps you…

  • make corrections in all the relevant areas
  • define goals
  • work more systematic, goal-oriented and motivated
  • get a manageable, sold plan
  • optional: Match-analysis and discussion

Junior academy. Clubs and tennis-schools are doing a good job serving tennis on club- and hobby-level. But extra ordinarily talented, motivated and competitive players do not receive the attention they deserve and need, because most of the above are mass and money oriented. But what they need the most is: Quality! No wonder, that unfortunately, the most talented and motivated kids sooner or later quit Tennis!

So the HEAD-MAN Tennis Academy serves…

  • Quality for quality-demanding, ambitious juniors
  • Training, which includes all relevant aspects (technic, strategy, physical condition, mental strength)
  • individuality
  • decades of coaching experience on a world class level
  • enduring, longterm goal- setting and work

Tennis-tuning. Sometimes, all your game needs, is a little turn on the right screws to make it more efficient and successful. The HEAD-MAN checks your current game and gives you the right tools and game-plan to win more matches: without having to invest a lot of money, time and… agony! Get the best out of your game: More wins, more fun, more tennis at any level of play!


Communication rules. You have questions about scouting? You are interested in »mental coaching«? You want an exciting and successful tennis-lesson on court? Please call me: (+49(0)177/7504520) or send me an email (steph@head-man.com).