»Business workshops«

„Hey Steph, I would like to have You talk in front my employees! The Mental toughness of Top-athletes and what we can learn from them in our business-life! I am sure You can do that!“ This was another leap in the dark. I have just finished one of my »HEAD-Man Mental Shows« and a father, who has attended it with his son, approached me with this question. „Sure! When is this event due?“ If I am capable to talk about this issue in front of a bunch of rather unmotivated teenagers, I am sure going to give something to a crowd of willing and responsive adults. Yes, it did work great!… several times until now. Not only about about the issue of »mental strength«. There were presentations on topics like »work/life balance« and »personal health responsibility« as well. If You intend to have an in house presentation on one of the above topics, I will be very happy to to perform for You!