Business workshops

„Hey Steph, I would like to have you talk in front my employees! The men­tal tough­ness of top-ath­le­tes and what we can learn from them in our busi­ness-life! I am sure you can do that!“ This was ano­ther leap in the dark. I have just finis­hed one of my »HEAD-Man Men­tal Shows« and a father, who has atten­ded it with his son, approa­ched me with this ques­ti­on. „Sure! When is this event due?“

If I am capa­ble to talk about this issue in front of a bunch of rather unmo­ti­va­ted teen­agers, I am sure going to give some­thing to a crowd of wil­ling and respon­si­ve adults. Yes, it did work gre­at!… seve­ral times until now. Not only about about the issue of »men­tal strength«. The­re were pre­sen­ta­ti­ons on topics like »work/life balan­ce« and »per­so­nal health respon­si­bi­li­ty« as well. If you intend to have an in house pre­sen­ta­ti­on on one of the abo­ve topics, I will be very hap­py to to per­form for you!