Optimize your tennis

Scou­ting. The HEAD-MAN scans the cur­rent situa­ti­on of a ten­nis-play­er. All ten­nis-spe­ci­fics like tech­nics, phy­si­cal con­sti­tu­ti­on and con­di­ti­on, stra­tegy, men­tal capa­ci­ties as well as per­so­na­li­ty, fami­ly, school and time manage­ment, strengths and weak­ne­s­ses are get­ting analyzed.

On the basis of this scan, the HEAD-MAN helps you…

  • make cor­rec­tions in all the rele­vant areas
  • defi­ne goals
  • work more sys­te­ma­tic, goal-ori­en­ted and motivated
  • get a mana­geable, sold plan
  • optio­nal: Match-ana­ly­sis and discussion

Juni­or aca­de­my. Clubs and ten­nis-schools are doing a good job ser­ving ten­nis on club- and hob­by-level. But extra ordi­na­ri­ly talen­ted, moti­va­ted and com­pe­ti­ti­ve play­ers do not recei­ve the atten­ti­on they deser­ve and need, becau­se most of the abo­ve are mass and money ori­en­ted. But what they need the most is: Qua­li­ty! No won­der, that unfort­u­na­te­ly, the most talen­ted and moti­va­ted kids soo­ner or later quit Tennis!

So the HEAD-MAN Ten­nis Aca­de­my serves…

  • Qua­li­ty for qua­li­ty-deman­ding, ambi­tious juniors
  • Trai­ning, which includes all rele­vant aspects (tech­nic, stra­tegy, phy­si­cal con­di­ti­on, men­tal strength)
  • indi­vi­dua­li­ty
  • deca­des of coa­ching expe­ri­ence on a world class level
  • endu­ring, long­term goal- set­ting and work

Ten­nis-tuning. Some­ti­mes, all your game needs, is a litt­le turn on the right screws to make it more effi­ci­ent and suc­cessful. The HEAD-MAN checks your cur­rent game and gives you the right tools and game-plan to win more matches: wit­hout having to invest a lot of money, time and… ago­ny! Get the best out of your game: More wins, more fun, more ten­nis at any level of play!