Barbara Rittner, the current German Fed-Cup-Coach and Captain of the Porsche Tennis team has written the foreword for Stephans first book. »playGIRL« is not another »important tennis-book« on vorhands and backhands, nor does it tell us how to to warm-up correctly or what and what not to eat before a match. »playGIRL« is a very entertaining, fun to read, but still very informative Teenie-Story, which happens to play in the world of Tennis. So far, a lot of tennis-parents have read this book and were able to adjust some of their negative behavior towards their playing kids. »playGIRL« is a beautiful Story about adventure, wisdom, reverie, love and Tennis.

There is a clear message to teenagers: „Hey, kids, don’t just hang around, dream and wait for things to happen, make them happen! Even if your dreams and visions seem to be somewhere out of your reach, go for them! Forget about stupid casting shows if you are looking for true success. With your ambition, courage, endurance and discipline, you can achieve whatever you want, no matter if your goal is to become a musician, a vet or a tennis-player! Make your dreams happen, it’s worth ist!

The narrator, Janina ist 15 years old, pretty and she is a decent player on a regional level. For some reason, her parents don’t want to spend their summer-vacation on the beach again and decide to book into a cute, little hotel in the Swiss alps. Right next to this hotel is an unknown tennis-academy, but she finds out very soon, that a lot of things suddenly start to change in a very positive way…